About Us

The Fallen First Responders Association is a Pennsylvania nonprofit that was founded in 2019.

The purpose of our association is to financially assist the families of our Fallen First Responders Association members who are killed in the line of duty.

FFRA defines first responders as active Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters (paid and volunteer), Corrections Officers, Probation/Parole Agents and EMS to include EMT’s and Paramedics.

Financial assistance comes in the form of an immediate relief grant within 48 hours of the members line of duty death. The grant dollar amount for 2019 through 2020 is set at $25,000 and will be re-evaluated every two years. The grant can be deferred by the family(beneficiary) and used at a later time if financial hardship occurs. It can also be deferred and converted to an educational grant for the children of our fallen member.