Equipment/Training Grants

The FFRA will offer two (2) equipment/training grants at the end of 2019 to members. Active members can apply to have their department chosen to receive one $2500 grant that can be used at the discretion of the department for training or equipment. A department will not be awarded an FFRA grant in consecutive years.

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FFRA Covers Your 6

Each year we will provide up to six (6) ballistic or stab proof vests for the following programs:
Law Enforcement: For new police officers whose department does not provide one. You must have recently graduated from an act 120 program and can provide a letter from your Command Staff confirming that you are being hired or have been hired, with a start date.
Corrections: If you are a corrections officer in need of a stab proof vest you must provide proof of employment and a letter from your command staff detailing the need is also required.
Emergency Medical: If you are an EMT or Paramedic in need of an exterior ballistic vest, you must also submit proof of employment and a letter from your command staff.

To qualify, you shall submit a two page essay along with your proof of employment/command staff correspondence. In the essay, you must detail why you should be awarded a brand new vest.

Submit your responses via email to :
with the subject line, “FFRA Covers Your 6”.

All responses will be reviewed by 07/31/19. A banquet for the chosen recipients will be held on October 19, 2019.